Todd Eigenschink

Todd has been programming since the TI-99 in 1981 and earned a BS in Computer Science from Rose-Hullman Institute of Technology in1993. His specialties are networking, operating systems, process automation, and plumbing together systems that aren’t supposed to talk to each other. In his spare time, he trains in mixed martial arts and works more to the chagrin of his wife. Todd has been keeping the bits moving since 1995.


Ric Johnson

Ric started programming on TRS-80 at a Radio Shack in New Haven. Nearly 30 years later he’s still doing what he loves most: making computers do cool and pretty things. From dynamic websites to automated warehouse fulfillment systems, Ric embraces new technologies and likes to solve clients’ problems. In his spare time Ric teaches web design at IPFW, plays music, writes embedded software and fixes things. Ric has been helping the Internet work better since 1997.


Chris Carder

Chris has been working with computers since he got his first 8-bit system in 1980. A 1998 graduate of the University of Saint Francis, Chris designs and builds the front-end interfaces for all of our websites and applications. For Chris, it’s about working with clients to make what is interactive usable through solid planning and good design. Also a talented illustrator, many of his renderings often show up in his design work. Chris has been designing and building websites since 1996.


Pete Schenkel

Influenced by his dad, Pete grew up around a lot of mechanical and electronic projects. He still loves working with his hands and is our resident gearhead. His first computer experience goes back to using a Tandy 1000 and programming in BASIC. Pete went to ITT Technical Institute and graduated with a degree in Software Applications and Programming, and he wields drum sticks or wrenches when he’s not at a keyboard. Pete has been making things “just work” since 2003.


Ben Scheribel

Ben started his life’s journey not in the United States, but on a military base in Okinawa, Japan. Soon enough Ben and his family moved back to the States where a family friend showed him some computer “stuff”. Needless to say, he was hooked. Ben obtained a degree in web development, design and programming from Indiana Institute of Technology. When he isn’t creating web programs or databases, Ben can be found playing basketball or watching NBA games. Ben has been creating cool web programs at Xymmetrix since 2011.


Willie Swygart

Willie has always tinkered with electronics. In fact, as a kid, he would take apart old TVs and radios just to try to get them working again. That interest led him to obtain an Electronics Engineering Technology degree from ITT Tech. Willie works with our clients to ensure they utilize their websites to the fullest potential. Willie enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities which include hunting the “elusive” morel mushroom and taking the Boy Scout Troop camping — even in winter! He has been helping Xymmetrix clients make good decisions since 2011.


Amy Winkleblack

Amy’s no-nonsense, go-getting nature helps her fit in with the guys. She’ll claim to be the only non-technical one in the group, but she knows a lot more than she lets on. An office manager extraordinaire, she is also an aspring marksman and an avid hunter. When she is not at work or in the woods, Amy can be found at home with her husband and two dogs, usually with a book. Amy has been keeping the office running since 2006.


Bill Buxton

In the mid 90’s Bill joined a Wisconsin ISP called NorthNet known for their ground breaking work on open access legislation. There, he honed his system administration and trend analysis skills. Now, he does system administration, fights spammers and scammers, and keeps things from falling through the cracks. Bill hopes to return to keyboards and guitar someday if this internet fad dies off. Bill has been keeping the network humming since 2007.


Rhys Frank

From an early age it was evident that Rhys was destined to work with computers. It all started at age 9 when she broke, but then fixed her first computer. After high school she worked part time doing network administration while studying computers at a local college. During her college years she switched to linguistics and had intended to work in languages. However, the invention of the web led her back to computers. Now she is doing systems administration. When she is not pounding on the keyboard Rhys can be found shooting pictures, climbing rocks or roaming around in the wilderness. Rhys has been making computer systems work better since 2000.


David Herring

Even though David is the youngest member of the Xymmetrix family, he sure knows his stuff about computers! Recently, he graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a degree in Computer Information Systems. During his college years he worked as a web developer for a local apparel printing business called Pro Prints. By the time he left, he was handling nearly all of their IT needs single-handedly, and his range of skills and interests had broadened greatly. At Xymmetrix his official title is developer but around the office he is known as “Todd’s clone.” David enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and starting cool projects that may not ever get finished.