Case Studies

ARIS (Accounts Receivable Information System)

ARIS is an accounts receivable information management system. It features a completely web-based user front-end that allows both unlimited addition of internal users and limited access by clients to monitor and update their A/R activity. We originally built ARIS to serve the complex needs of the transportation industry, but we have since extended it to support other uses, include health care records processing.


ARIS serves as a business intelligence tool by aggregating and collating data from different sources (different companies, formats, methods of delivery) and unifies them to provide consistent view of all the data, and turning it into useful information. It also tracks account activity (both in imported data and “people activity”) in a consistent way across all data sources, and can provide feeds of that activity to other systems.



  • The user interface makes the simple things easy, and the hard things possible
  • Ad hoc query builder
  • Export most queries to spreadsheets (full XLS formatting)
  • Import spreadsheets to update information on accounts