Case Studies

ISMP (Interactive Strategic Marketing Plan)

Britton Marketing & Design Group needed a way to electronically communicate their novel representation of a segmented marketing plan. Their table-sized, circular paper chart indicating strategies, segments and customer motivations in a flurry of pastel colors was nice for face-to-face client meetings, but it couldn’t be updated without being printed again and certainly couldn’t be communicated remotely.


Xymmetrix partnered with Britton Marketing to develop an online Flash/Content Management application that would organize and store the marketing plan along with hundreds of supporting documents. With this application, Britton can update the marketing strategies in the web-based system, and the Flash-based, zoom-able, rotatable chart updates itself in real time. This means they can use the tool to more effectively communicate with their clients without a face-to-face meeting and without reprinting a table-sized full-color chart every time it changed.