Case Studies Partner/Asset System

Blue Door Consulting asked us to extend the PHP-based MODx CMS for so that local businesses could join the site and add their hotel, restaurant, events and other “assets” for public display. This display includes drilling-down by various attributes such as cost, amenities and geographic location.

An administrative component allows the OCVB to define types of assets. (e.g. a restaurant has price range, cuisine, party rooms, etc.). It also allows the OCVB to manage companies (partners) who have joined, approve their assets and generally manage the whole system.


The public-facing component allows partners to log in and manage assets, including specific geographic location (they can even adjust latitude and longitude to refine their location on display maps), and event schedule (with a scheduler that rivals Outlook and Google Calendar). Partners can hide seasonal assets and clone assets if they have more than one location, but the asset is otherwise the same.


The general visitor can then drill down by attribute, location, date range, etc. to plan their trip to Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

We implemented this system seamlessly into MODx using PHP and built in MODx hooks.